About US


As one of Europe’s leading and fastest growing content and translation agencies, MEDYADAM provides fast, accurate and reliable content and translation services in more than 50 languages ​​to both businesses and individual customers. Our headquarters is located in Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city and our company also has a representative office in Amsterdam. MEDYADAM, which has been serving businesses and individuals operating in the international arena since 2008, has become a leading content and translation agency with its meticulous customer service mentality and wide portfolio. Our professional approach means that – regardless of the size of the project – you will be met with a service tailored to your needs. As an agency, more and more customers prefer us, thanks to the fast delivery times we provide without sacrificing quality.

MEDYADAM also cooperates with other translation agencies – as it has the privilege of serving qualified translators, editors and authors in languages ​​that are difficult to access. We are involved in long-term projects with other translation companies that want to meet the needs of their customers in these languages.




Our copywriters produce texts for our business partners operating in the fields like insurance, media, informatics, social assistance, energy, furniture, etc.


We have been providing the most accurate and meticulous translation services to our business partners for years with our translators in many languages.



We have been providing the most accurate and meticulous services to our business partners in localization for years with our editors in many languages.


Journalistic Services

Among the fields of journalism, where we both prepare original content and translate, sports, magazine, games, technology and interviews are at the forefront.


Voice Over

We provide voiceover and dubbing services in many languages, especially English, Dutch and Turkish, with our team specialized in voiceover and dubbing.


Audiovisual Media

We provide services such as content, research, consultancy, post-production to both classical media organizations such as radio and television and digital media. 


MEDYADAM has been working together with many giant brands of the world in the fields of translation, writing, editing, publishing, journalism, radio, television and voiceover since 2008.