audıovısual medıa

Everyone, from companies aiming to deliver visual and audio media products to more people, to individuals who want to become a social media phenomenon, needs professional support. Because audiovisual media knows no borders anymore!



It’s time to become a phenomenon!

Audiovisual services are divided into visual and audial media. However, both services often intertwine with each other.

When we talk about visual media, we first think of television and cinema. However, it is necessary to admit that in the digital age we are in, visual media has a considerable place on the internet. We see that visual media dominate the digital space in many areas, from a medium such as YouTube where everyone can become famous by sharing their own videos, to social media platforms where short images can be shared. When we talk about auditory media, the first thing we think of is radio. However, especially thanks to podcasts, audio media productions were able to keep up with the digital age. Again, on video platforms such as YouTube, we see an increase in auditory media productions such as digital radio, video-free speech and chat.

In other words; audiovisual media continue to evolve and increase their importance in our lives by adapting themselves to the digital age we are in. As such, everyone, from companies aiming to deliver media products to more people, to individuals who want to become a social media phenomenon, needs professional support in these areas.



MEDYADAM, on the one hand, provides services such as content, translation, research, promotion, consultancy, post-production to classical media organizations such as radio and television, on the other hand, it provides the same services in the digital field. Moreover, it does this through experts living in different countries and speaking different languages. Thanks to this multilingualism, it stands out as the most suitable partner for those who want to reach different cultures.


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