From the Land of Orange to the Whole World

Our chief editor Hakan Kuyucu has worked as a journalist in various radio, television and magazines in the Netherlands for years, and founded MEDYADAM in 2008. MEDYADAM, a translation and content writing company, also carried out many works in the fields of journalism and media, thanks to its founder’s experience and network. Moreover, during this corporate period, professionals working in many different countries and languages became a part of our media department. In this way, our journalism and media projects have gained a global dimension.

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Journalistic Services

Among the fields of journalism, where we both prepare original content and translate, sports, magazine, games, technology and interviews are at the forefront.


Voice Over

We provide voiceover and dubbing services in many languages, especially English, Dutch and Turkish, with our team specialized in voiceover and dubbing. 

Audiovisual Media

We provide services such as content, research, consultancy, post-production to both classical media organizations such as radio and television and digital media.


Web Design

We can help you create the website of your dreams and reach a wide audience. Moreover, you can get advantageous our content and translation services.



We have been providing the most accurate and meticulous services to our business partners in localization for years with our editors in many languages.



It’s time to put an end to spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Our professional team in more than 50 languages is at your service!


MEDYADAM has been working together with many giant brands of the world in the fields of translation, writing, editing, publishing, journalism, radio, television and voiceover since 2008.